The aim of this material is to provide essential guidance and explanation on key issues in data protection. It also focuses on the most crucial requirements deriving from the GDPR regarding data processing and provide practical guidance on how lawful processing may be accomplished.

The material covers in particular the following aspects: key GDPR definitions, principles and legal bases for lawful processing as well as information on data subject rights.

At the end of the study, the reader is expected to:

  • Familiarize with the key data protection terms.
  • Be able to distinguish the difference between the two of the main factors in data protection: data controller and processor.
  • Have knowledge of the obligations deriving from the GDPR regarding data processing and, in particular, the required principles for a lawful processing.
  • Be aware of the specific grounds that a processing should be based on in order to be lawful.
  • Be aware of the obligations, preconditions and time limitations when handling a data subject request.

The Guidance Documentation is available here.