byDesign strategically pursues a dual goal: on the one hand, to facilitate SMEs as regards GDPR compliance; on the other hand, to promote the creation of by design compliant products and services, by raising awareness of the producers of respective solutions.

In order to reach its goal, the byDesign project strives to achieve the following objectives:

Objective #1:    Offering of a compliance kit particularly tailored for SMEs, that will provide for compliance self-assistance along with a set of context-aware templates of essential documents. This way, byDesign expects to provide practical assistance and guidance to the large community of SMEs in Greece towards facilitating compliance with the GDPR.

Objective #2:    Development of a comprehensive training programme about Data Protection by Design, targeting developers and other stakeholders of the ICT products and services creation chain. On the basis of this programme, byDesign aims at training a critical mass of professionals, as well as university students, thereby introducing a data protection culture to the ICT community in Greece.

Objective #3:    Maximisation of byDesign project impact, through awareness raising, dissemination, networking and sustainability of project results. byDesign aims at being a project of high impact in the Greek society, with a European dimension. Thus, it fosters reaching considerable audience beyond the main target groups of SMEs and ICT professionals, thereby resulting in multiplying effect and added value in the long-term.