WP #1: Project management & coordination

The primary objective of this work package is to ensure co-ordination, co-operation and cohesion in all aspects of the project’s lifetime ensuring that all the foreseen activities are carried out accordingly with the approved work plan. This objective can be analysed in the following:

  • To ensure the project’s proper management and the achievement of its objectives in accordance with its time schedule and budget.
  • To provide administrative and financial management.
  • To ensure efficient planning and coordination, and provide the communication with the European Commission.
  • To ensure efficient steering of the activities, efficient risk and conflict management and establishment of a clear decision-making process.
  • To provide continuous monitoring of the project progress and assure the quality of deliverables.

WP #2: Compliance kit for SMEs

This work package is linked to the objective of offering of a compliance kit particularly tailored for SMEs, that will provide for compliance self-assistance along with a set of context-aware templates of essential documents. To this end, this work package aims at the following:

  • Development of thorough understanding of the actual implications and needs faced by SMEs, as regards GDPR compliance
  • To evaluate the international practice, and assess its applicability in the target groups of the project
  • To specify the underlying framework and develop a respective online tool for allowing SMEs to be self-assisted as regards their compliance with the GDPR
  • To create a comprehensive set of sample reference documents, to be delivered in a context-aware manner to SMEs stakeholders on the basis of the self-assistance framework
  • To effectively deploy, operate, manage and monitor the online tool suite

WP #3: Awareness raising for producers of products, services and applications for SMEs

This work package is linked to the project objective regarding the development of a comprehensive training programme about Data Protection by Design, targeting developers and other stakeholders of the ICT products and services creation chain. In this context, this work package pursues the following goals:

  • Engagement of stakeholders participating in the ICT products and services creation chain, in order to create a critical mass to participate in the training
  • Definition of the training strategy and methodology
  • Production of the training material
  • Performance of the training activities
  • Assessment and evaluation of the training programme

WP #4: Dissemination, awareness-raising and exploitation

This work package is linked to the project objective of maximisation of byDesign impact, through awareness raising, dissemination, networking and sustainability of project results. It is analysed to the following sub-objectives:

  • To provide visibility of the project results
  • To set up and maintain the project website
  • To promote the byDesign approach, particularly the compliance tools for SMEs, to a large number of SMEs
  • To raise awareness regarding the byDesign potential, and data protection in general
  • To network at the National and European level
  • To provide for the sustainability of byDesign results beyond the project duration