NoTitleDelivery Date
D1.1Interim project Progress Report30 Nov 2021
D2.1Need analysis report + 2 workshops28 Feb 2021
D2.2Compliance material31 Oct 2021
D2.3Online self-assistance compliance tool31 Jan 2022
D2.4Final SME compliance toolkit report31 Oct 2022
D3.1Training set-up and methodology28 Feb 2021
D3.2Training material31 Oct 2021
D3.3Trainings & Report on training31 Oct 2022
D3.4Data Protection by Design Guidance Documentation31 Oct 2022
D4.1Project website31 Jan 2021
D4.2Plan for dissemination, awareness-raising and exploitation28 Feb 2021
D4.3Dissemination and awareness-raising material31 Oct 2022
D4.4Dissemination, awareness-raising and exploitation report31 Oct 2022
D4.5Sustainability plan31 Oct 2022
D4.6Awareness events31 Oct 2022